Indoor Playgrounds


Welcome to the business of indoor fun centers, party centers, and soft contained playgrounds.  Of course, when starting an indoor party center, most new amusement developers want to include an indoor playground, party rooms, arcade games or game rooms, concessions and other soft activities that can help facilitate a fun, safe, community play environment. 

So, how do you chose which indoor playground is the right one for you?  If you can’t get out to visit the top 5 or so indoor playground manufacturers and see their construction process and materials, how can you ensure your fun center has the right playground for your business goals?  Read on friends, read on... Indoor Playgrounds


How to start an indoor fun center.  Get your project going with help from the FEC Network and Startup Academy.

The only on-line fun center ‘How-To’ course that can help you design, develop, open and operate an indoor playground party center.

Indoor Playgrounds

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